Our journey to designing our own fantasy football game began last season, as we sought out something different from the norm. In previous years we’d all lost interest when a wrongly played triple captain destroyed a season’s worth of effort, or a mini-league of teams sharing all the same key players made it impossible to claw back a points deficit. This didn’t really do it for us and we wanted something with a bit more depth to the experience. And quite frankly, we wanted to keep those Kane or Sanchez point hauls to ourselves.

So here we are, with a fantasy football game designed exactly as we want it. And we think you’ll love it too!

Get ready for a night of pure drama and entertainment drafting your squads, exclusive ownership of players, customisable points, the ability to trade with your mates and instant point updates throughout the season. And to share our passion with as many people as possible, we’re bringing all of this to you for FREE!

Trading is the aspect of our game we absolutely love. Last season our league saw huge trades involving Sanchez, Alli, Hazard, Aguero and Ozil. With the right offer and a little creativity, nobody is off limits.

Through our game we also wanted to create the thrill of transfer deadline day.  Except you’ll come to know it as ‘every Tuesday’. And they’ll never be quite the same again! This is the day that managers are able to pounce on the unattached talent which shone the previous weekend. Plus it’s all brilliantly automated so you won’t miss out if you’re busy. A few of last season’s free transfer swoops included Jesus, King, Benteke, Pogba, Zaha and Alonso. Never underestimate the importance of a Tuesday!

As we gathered in the pub on the final day of the season (with the relegation spots and league winner still to be decided) we all reflected on a quite crazy year which saw manager meltdowns, thousands of transfer offers, baffling decisions (Phil Jones transferred in ahead of Pedro??) and gambles on Andre Gray and Rondon rewarded with hat-tricks. It was without a doubt our most enjoyable year of fantasy football and the experiment was a huge success. We’ll never go back to the old style, and we don’t think you will either!