FREE Premier League Draft Fantasy Football

Premier League Draft Fantasy Football. For Free!


Ever had that sense of disappointment when everyone in your fantasy football league owns the same top players?

Wish it was only you who took the points from the latest Harry Kane hat-trick?

Well it’s time to change the game.

Welcome to Galactico Eleven - the ultimate draft experience for the real fantasy football fan!


Created for Draft Fans, by Draft Fans!

Our journey to designing our own fantasy football game began last season, as we sought out something different from the norm. We developed Galactico Eleven during the 2017/18 season whilst playing it ourselves. We've added a bunch of features which we love, and we're sure you will too!


Unique Squads


Galactico Eleven is a draft style fantasy football game in which only one league manager can own each Premier League player. Only you score the points for your players, which makes every goal, assist and clean sheet all the sweeter.

Tinker with your starting 11 before the Gameweek deadline and then pray to the Draft Gods you made the correct selections! If any of your starting 11 fail to take to the hallowed turf, we'll automatically - and instantly - bring in the appropriate player off your bench.


Trade Players

Freshen up your squad throughout the season by trading your players with other managers or picking up an unattached gem from the free transfer list. This is what really sets Galactico Eleven apart from other fantasy football offerings!

Negotiate with other league managers to agree permanent transfers and loans deals to improve your squad and trade your way to victory. If your league is anything like ours, your WhatsApp won’t stop ringing with transfer offers!


Draft or Auction

To ensure each squad is completely unique, each manager will channel their inner Mourinho (or Harry Redknapp) and pick their squad.

We offer your league the option to use either a draft or auction format to assemble your unique squads.

In the simple draft format, each league manager will take in turns to pick a player until each squad is filled.

But it’s the auction format where things really get interesting. Each manager is allocated a £250m budget to bid on and assemble the squad of their dreams through our reliable live auction facility.  

Do you blow your budget on the top stars or leave some in reserve for a bit more balance throughout your side?

This is how we at Galactico Eleven select our teams and we can guarantee you a couple of hours of high drama, outrageous bids and under the radar bargains!


Custom Points

At Galactico Eleven we firmly believe your league, your rules. So with that in mind, we offer every league the opportunity to customise the points available for player actions. Imagine owning Brad Friedl, Peter Schmeichel or Paul Robinson in years gone by and having 100 points awarded for a GK goal. If that’s your thing, Galactico Eleven makes that dream a reality!


Instant Updates

A unique feature you won’t currently find anywhere else! During each gameweek you will see your player points, auto subs and league position updated in real time, so you can check out exactly where you stand as the real-life action unfolds!


Free To Play!

Did we mention it was free? We want to build a fantastic community around our love of draft and auction style Fantasy Football - and we want your ideas!

We hope you choose to play with us this season (after all, it is free!) and we’d love to hear any ideas you have to improve the experience for the 2018/19 season.

Please do get in touch with us either via Twitter or our Contact page -  we genuinely welcome all feedback, be it good or bad!